• Image of Happy Block Combo - Seven
  • Image of Happy Block Combo - Seven

Original artwork
Acrylic on wood
Size: 9cm x22cm x 4cm
Size: 11.5cm x19.5cm x 4cm
Size: 6.5cm x16cm x 4cm

My happy block paintings are painted on off-cut oak and red gum solid wood blocks, which a carpenter friend of mine has no use for. As soon as I laid my eyes on them I had other plans – to turn them into colourful artworks to be displayed and be cherished. They are not too large and can be easily moved around for a spot of colour. Upon request I can also create a customised work if there is a particular colour scheme you have in mind.

All orginal artworks within Australia are sent via registered post. Insurance of the ME WE product is the responsibility of the purchaser. Please advise us if you require insurance and we will arrange it for you. Extra costs will be incurred.